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Silicone manufacturers are a responsible modern industry working hard to make sure its products are safe for human health and the environment.  Its commitment goes beyond international and national regulations. The silicones industry conducts a wide range of research projects and works closely with regulators and our stakeholders.


The Global Silicones Council (GSC) is a not-for-profit, international organization representing companies that produce and sell silicone products around the world. The GSC brings together all the major global manufacturers via the three Regional Silicone Industry Associations in North America (Silicones Environmental, Health, and Safety Center – SEHSC), Europe (CES - Silicones Europe), and Japan (Silicones Industry Association of Japan – SIAJ), and encourages their cooperation and collaboration.

The GSC’s role is to promote the safe use and stewardship of silicones globally. To accomplish this mission, it undertakes the following activities:

  • Monitor the environmental, health, and safety activities of the three Regional Silicones Industry Associations (RSIAs) and coordinate such activities on a global basis.
  • Proactively promote industry communication with regulatory bodies around the world and with international environmental, health, and safety organizations.
  • Through the RSIAs, identify and anticipate opportunities to enhance environmental, health, and safety research relating to silicones and engage in global projects to communicate the industry’s product stewardship commitment.
  • Through the RSIAs, sponsor projects to improve the public’s understanding of the benefits and safety of silicones.
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